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WA Course NumberD282
National IDCHC40508
Qualification CategoryCERTIFICATE IV IN
National StatusThis qualification is recognised throughout Australia under the Australian Qualifications Framework
 -Delivery Information
Course Type:A - Award (Normal College-based)
Study Modes & Options:- - Full-time
 - - Part-time
Study Plans:CHC40508 Certificate IV in Mental Health - Day Course - Standard course study plan for Joondalup
 CHC40508 Certificate IV in Mental Health Night Course - Standard course study plan for Joondalup

Number of Semesters1
 Telephone: 1300134881
 Web: http://www.wcit.wa.edu.au

 -About This Course
This qualification will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to provide support and services to enhance the quality of life, maximise community participation and meet the needs of individuals accessing mental health services. You will learn skills in responding to self harm, early intervention strategies, support, advocacy and policy development. Consumer involvement is a focus of this qualification. You will learn about the mental health sector and issues facing those with a mental health disorder. As part of this qualification you will undertake a supervised work placement where you will be able to apply the skills and knowledge you have learned.
 -Course Aims
This is a training program that leads to the completion of the Community Services Training Package CHC08 qualification CHC40508. This qualification is designed to reflect the role of team leaders and supervisors in the industry sector.
 -Career Opportunities
Successful completion of this qualification provides you with the opportunity to become a welfare officer, support worker or mental health worker in community settings.
 -Benefits of studying at this College

This course is specifically designed for mental health workers who want to obtain their qualification but need to continue working.  The course is held in the evenings on a part-time basis, over a 2 semester period.

Our students are best prepared for employment in a changing world – this is our vision at the West Coast Institute of Training.  The Institute has already developed a significant reputation as a leading provider of flexible learning programs and is in the forefront of developing online learning.   We work closely with local, state and international partners to deliver high quality training relevant to the needs of our diverse customer base. We offer more than 100 courses, linking to careers in more than 10 speciality training areas. 

Conveniently located in the rapidly growing North Metropolitan Region of Perth, just 20 minutes via the Mitchell Freeway, the campus is excellently served by public transport and is a pleasant 5-minute walk from the Joondalup train station, Joondalup City Centre and other outstanding shopping, recreational and community services.  West Coast Institute of Training sits amid picturesque lakes, parks and natural bush-land. Water birds, parrots and kangaroos share the campus with staff and students, contributing to the relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

As part of the exciting Joondalup Learning Precinct (JLP), which includes the WA Police Academy and Edith Cowan University, West Coast Institute of Training offers a unique learning environment that provides pathways to employment and further education and allows you to gain credits for studies at one organisation towards a qualification at another.

To find out more about West Coast Institute of Training and to discuss your training options please call Student Services on (618) 1300 134 881.   

 -Further Study Options
Diploma of Community Welfare Work
 -Career Pathway Map
Community Services, Health and Education
 -Career Pathways

Further information on career pathways is also available at:

  • getaccess.westone.wa.gov.au
  • www.myfuture.edu.au
  •  -Application Notes
    When applying for this qualification you are required to address entry requirements and selection criteria. You must submit any documentary evidence of your previous education, volunteer/workplace experience and other relevant information.   Click here to view Selection Criteria
     -What is Selection Criteria?

    Selection Criteria apply to competitive qualifications.  If there are more people applying for a qualification than there are places, you will need to supply additional information to the TAFE Admissions Centre with the Application Form.  The Selection Criteria are based on previous education and training, life experience and paid and unpaid work experience.

     -Entrance Requirements
    Competency benchmarks are represented by the following:
    basic skills benchmark basic skills
    developed skills benchmark developed skills
    well developed skills benchmark well developed skills
    highly developed skills benchmark highly developed skills
     Basic Skills BenchmarkDeveloped Skills BenchmarkWell Developed Skills BenchmarkHighly Developed Skills Benchmark
    Communication skills (reading, writing,
    speaking and listening skills in English)

    Technical prerequisites:
    - certificate III graduates from any community services training package qualification (except children's services) may apply for a certificate IV qualification in a different specialisation or stream but must be aware they will be required to complete additional units from the certificate III in that new specialisation or stream.
    - A Federal Police Clearance and Working with Children Check are required prior to work placement and employment in all community and disability agencies.

    More information about the entrance requirements is available from: http://www.trainingwa.wa.gov.au/trainingcourses/detcms/apprenticeships-and-training/training-courses/articles/choosing-a-training-provider/how-to-apply---full-time-tafe.en?page=2
     -How to Apply and Enrol

    Once you've chosen your desired course, you can apply and enrol as follows:

    Full-time study


    Applications for full-time study in Semester 2, 2012 are open from 1st May and close 6th June 2012 and can be done directly online, please visit  http://wcit.wa.edu.au/ApplyEnrol.


    Once you have received your "letter of offer" advising you have successfully secured a position in one of our courses, you'll need to accept your place and enrol.  This can be done either:


    ONLINE - Simply log onto the Student Portal and follow the steps to enrol in your course (when available).  In order to complete your enrolment you will need a credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) to pay for the course in full.  All students claiming a concession on the course fee will be required to present their concession card/documents to Student Services within two weeks of attending their first class.


    ON CAMPUS - Visit West Coast and accept and enrol in your offered course during the days and times stipulated on your letter of offer.


    Part-time study


    Applications and enrolments for part-time study are undertaken in person at the Joondalup campus prior to the commencement of each Semester.  Part-time enrolments for Semester 2, 2012 will be available from 8.30am -4.00pm on the 5th July 2012 at the Joondalup campus.


    Flexible/External or On-Line Study


    Call 1300 134 881 to apply and enrol at almost any time of the year.

     -Fees Summary


    Students enrolling into modules/units of competency or vocational courses/qualifications may be charged the following fees and charges:

    ·         Course Fees (Vocational Courses/ Qualifications)

    Charged per unit based on the number of hours assigned to each unit.  The maximum Course Fee in 2012 is $606.00 (or $303.00 Concession) per Semester.

    ·        Resource Fees

    Covers the cost of any materials and resources provided by the Institute.  The fee also covers internet charges and other services utilised by students in the course of instruction.  Resource Fees will vary depending on the content of the unit.

    ·        Other Fees

    Covers the cost of other items (eg. Student Diary, Student ID Card) and services (eg. Security) provided by the Institute.  The 2012 Other Fee is $21.00 and is charged once per Academic Year.


    Students enrolling into Access and Bridging courses will be charged the following fee:

    ·        Access & Bridging Fee

    Charged as a flat fee per semester for Access and Bridging Courses/Qualifications.  The 2012 Access and Bridging fee is $25.00.  Students may also be required to pay Resource Fees and the Other Fee.


    Please Note:

    ·    Students may also need to purchase textbooks, equipment and/or materials.

    ·    There are a number of ways to qualify for the concession rate.  Please contact the Institute for further information.

    ·    Payment options may be available for those experiencing financial hardship.  Please enquire at the time of enrolment.

    ·    Fees for International students are different to the above.  For information, contact Education and Training International. 

     -Previous Studies Recognition

    The Units of Competency listed in this brochure are those offered by this Institute. If you have successfully completed any units in this qualification with another Registered Training Organisation, the Institute may recognise this study as partial completion of the qualification.  Please note that not all Institute's offer the same elective units.

    Alternative units may be available or you may be eligible for recognition of other training or experience.   To discuss your options, please contact the course coordinator.

     -Skills Recognition

    Skills recognition is a formal assessment process which acknowledges the skills, knowledge and competencies that a student has gained through work, informal training and life experience. Students will be asked to provide evidence of skills and knowledge required by a set of national competency standards.  If successful, students will be given credit towards the achievement of a nationally recognised qualification.  This may mean that the student does not have to study to receive the qualification, or have fewer units to complete.

    Contact the course coordinator if you think you may be eligible.  Fees are charged for Skills Recognition.

     -Further Information

    For further information on course details, selection criteria, course applications, course costs and enrolment particulars, please contact:

    Student Services
    West Coast Institute of Training

    Joondalup Campus

    35 Kendrew Crescent
    Joondalup WA 6027


    Phone: 1300 134 881

    Email: info@wcit.wa.edu.au


    Due to ongoing screen development, information on screen may be different to the information that prints in the booklet. The information on screen is correct.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

    This qualification may have other elective units not currently on offer.  Contact the Institute for further information.

    Available to international students (in Australia)No
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